Plásticos Juárez has a large branch of compression standard caps and jars but you can find our big potential in the developing of exclusive products, special for our customers. This is the reason why we can include some important nationally known customers such as PERFUMES LOEWE, ANTONIO PUIG, MYRURGIA, REVLON, STANHOME, PERFUMES ROBERTO VERINO, COURREGES and some other international ones as GROUP LABORATOIRES BIOLOGIE VEGETALE YVES ROCHER, PARFUMS PANOUGE, LANCASTER …
The serious treatment of our service, the high quality we provide in each piece and also the competitive prices we offer have let us achieve an important position in the national market, as many of our customers will
vouch for. We are also in the international market because we export to France, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico and to the USA.

Over the years we have been developing a more comprehensive and integrated service to our customers

Over the years we have been developing a more comprehensive and integrated services to o



an enterprise very near to Plásticos Juárez. There, we metallize and paint our pieces. Its activity is to give a metallic sight, shinny or mate gold, shinny or mate silver so used today and also to give a bright colour sight making the piece more attractive.

Was set up in 1982 and today can metallize the pieces by the traditional method or the UV system with an automatic chain that help us to achieve a high production and quality capable to overcome all the tests of our customers.

The decoration of pieces such as the silk screen and the hot stamping.

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